Once your Card format is all set and approved we can arrange to set up on-site at your facility at a time that is most convenient for you and your employees.

We will actually bring our equipment and lap top computer/s in and do the initial photo shoot and card production right on-site.

All we require from you is a space suitable for the set-up and production and a power source for our equipment. Also, we suggest that you set up a schedule for your people that make it easier and less time consuming. Some companies do it by departments, floors or last name by letters of the alphabet. Should someone come out of sequence, we can usually fit him or her in. We do require a list of employees and pertinent information as well as some sort of identification from employees, or a dedicated representative to identify your personnel.

It takes approximately two minutes or less per person to input the information, take the photo, print the card and have your employee on their way back to work with ID in hand.

The best we have done in one day so far was 1200 people in 10 hours with two systems and four production personnel.

For further information on this service Please give us a call:

Calgary and area clients : (403) 273-0272

Out of town clients toll free throughout North America: 1-888-273-0272.