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Photo ID Security Cards is a division of Bonus Wheel Promotions (1987) Inc., which is a printing company created and built from an advertising concept developed back in the 80’s. The ID cards started as an extra service to our printing customers and has become a full compliment to our business and has been growing steadily over the past fifteen years.

Due to the fact that we have a full graphics department for the printing we are able to design each card to suit the needs of our clients including logos and designs to create uniqueness for each individual Company.

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“Bonus Wheel’s people are honest, competent, exacting and easily capable of handling large volume jobs…”

K. Ray,
Livestock Identification Services Ltd.

“EDAC has always received quality work, professional business relations and always on time delivery”

S. Touchette,
Economic Developers Association of Canada,

“Photo ID Solutions delivers! Their services were fast and professional during the G-8 Summit in Calgary”,

C. MacSween,
Intercon Security Ltd.