Employee Photo ID

Individual Employee Identification for more Security.

WE will design your Identification to suit the specific needs of your application or Company. We can use a design you have already created or we can come up with a new design to meet your needs. We can incorporate your Company logo onto the card along with any pertinent information that you require. This can include your address, phone numbers or contact numbers. Of course we can put your employee’s photos onto the card along with their name and tile if appropriate and Employee numbers if required.

We can do ID onto a sticky back card that can be attached to your existing Proxy Cards.

For larger Companies with several departments we can also code cards for certain access levels or department verification. This can be done with different colored cards or colored bars on the front of the card.

We can also put signature panels onto the cards for those who require it for more secure identification along with individual statistics such as hair color, eye color, height weight etc.

We can consecutively number cards or incorporate your particular numbers for verification. We can do bar coding and magnetic stripe encoding. The back of the plastic cards can also be printed with more detailed information.

We will work with you to create an ID card unique to your organization and needs.

We also maintain a secure database for each of our clients on a computer that is never on-line. With this we can do reprints of cards that are lost or damaged. We can also print a full report of the database for your records or sample cards of individuals we have on file for your records.

We work with each of our clients to make it as easy as we can for you to have proper Identification for your employees and maintain this identification for new employees or existing employees.