Conference ID

Identity your delegates by name, status and Company, etc.

Trade Shows and Conferences have always had the need the identify their delegates and in the past most have just used the famous little paper passes in the little slip pouch done on the local type writer. These were sufficient in the past, but with the newer, more elaborate and sophisticated shows the need for better and more professional identification has become a must.

We have done and do numerous shows who have the need for our type of identification.
Some require simple cards with their logo, year of the show, location, along with the delegates Full name and Company affiliation. Others require more detailed cards including special delegate status. We do this in a number of different ways. Some use color-coded cards, with color-coded accessories to bar coded cards.

For larger conferences, we can identify Show Staff, Paid Delegates, Associate Delegates, Paid spouses and Accompanying Spouses. These are significant when meals and special outings are included in the event package. Some conferences have special meetings that only certain delegates are eligible to attend or restricted areas where only appointed delegates are allowed. The visible coding makes for quick and efficient identification without taking out lists on paper to make sure that person is allowed or to quickly spot someone who is in the wrong place.

Straightforward name cards for conference’s can be done on-line from lists provided to us by the show promoters and delivered to the location just before the start date. We would also include a few blank cards to have names of late comers inserted at the last minute for late registrants or change of delegates.

Even with the basic name cards, some conferences require us to attend the registration to help complete the production professionally while maintaining the continuity of all of the cards.

For Photo Conference Cards, we do pre printed cards from photos sent to us digitally by the promoter as well as attend the registration to take photos on-site and produce the cards right there.


We do a number of Conventions on a yearly basis. The organizers have found that it takes a load off their mind and duties to just have us do it for them.

For name badges, we will pre print from lists provided prior to convention time and the balance are done during registrations. We will attend and help make this process run smoothly.

For photo ID, the organizers sometimes pre send the photos of early registrants and the balance are done on-site to save a little time, or we do the entire production during registration.

Some Trade Show, we will do all of the name badges ahead of time along with some blank cards and ship just prior to Show dates for the organizers to hand out. This gives your promotion a more professional look and feel.

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