Photo ID Security Cards is a division of Bonus Wheel Promotions (1987) Inc., which is a printing company created and built from an advertising concept developed back in the 80’s. The ID cards started as an extra service to our printing customers and has become a full compliment to our business and has been growing steadily over the past fifteen years.

Due to the fact that we have a full graphics department for the printing we are able to design each card to suit the needs of our clients including logos and designs to create uniqueness for each individual Company.

We work with both large and small companies, we are presently servicing Clients with over 1000 employees and as few as 2. We will maintain a secure database for each company; therefore we can replace lost or damaged cards, as simple as a phone call or an e-mail from your controller.

We are portable, enabling us to set up on-site at the client’s facility to do the major photo and card productions without undo interruption to your employee’s time and routine. Then follow-up cards or new employees can be done on-line with digital photos sent via e-mail and delivered the same or next day.

We do conventions & conferences from Vancouver to Halifax as well as trades show registrations: This service can include photos on the cards if necessary, or as simple as special name cards with delegate or department coding. Our staff is experienced with this process and helps to make the whole system work smoothly.

Our services are designed to fit your needs.