In our changing world it has become a great concern for companies to increase their security and usually this includes Photo Identification for employees.

These types of cards also have become necessary for contractors to work on-site at other locations. Most major buildings require that your employees have photo Identification to gain entry at their site. This can include the Contractor who is doing a complete building renovation, a service technician who is servicing the electrical components, a computer tech doing service work, the cleaning staff, or even the person who is supplying the coffee machine and everything in between.

Police, Fire and EMS are using photo identification, especially during an emergency situation for ease and speed of identifying who should be on site.

Health and Fitness facilities are now going into more secure identification for members to help protect their clientele.

Childcare facilities are becoming more aware of the need to identify the person/s picking up the children from their locations.

Hospitals and Extended Care facilities are using photo identification for the protection of their patients.

Education facilities have been using photo identification for a long time, but now they are going to the plastic cards with permanent embedded information. These include some of the smaller and private institutes.

The need for Identification has become unlimited and we are here to help accommodate your needs. This includes the layout and designs for the cards required, printing and supplying the cards for your facility a backup database and replacement cards.

We can also help you set up an in-house system if your requirements dictate this type of need.

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